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Friday, July 26, 2002

I've decided to try to treat my body a little better. I've been eating like crap and drinking too much in the last couple of months, so in a (possibly futile) attempt to repair the damage, I've stopped drinking altogether and switched to the always fun low-carb diet. I've done this before, and I always end up feeling great and looking amazing, but the first week or so sucks major ass. Also, it is very difficult to maintain a low-carb diet when you can't prepare your own meals all the time. I've basically been stuck eating the grilled chicken caesar salad from Boston Market, like, every day, and when I can't leave the office for lunch I eat MetRx Protein Plus bars. Feh. When I get home, I have a plethora of eating options, mainly because we have recently added the George Foreman Grill to our assortment of kitchen accessories. My lovely lady has been making me tasty protein-filled treats for dinner, so I haven't been tempted to eat any junk.

Of course, I'll have to take a break in this enjoyable diet when I go to San Diego next weekend for the Comic-con. (I told you I was a comic book geek.) I have a handful of friends that I only get to see once a year at the comic book geekfest, and most of them are drunks, so I think I'll have to consume a little grease and vodka while I'm there. But never fear - when I get back I'll get right back on that whole "keeping myself healthy" thing. I swear.

I've promised a redesign of this site for some time. Not that anybody reads this, anyway, but it's really for my own personal satisfaction. I enjoy the solid color background and bland imageless content as much as the next guy, but I also enjoy ass, and so ass will be a major theme in the redesign. You will just have to wait (with bated breath, I hope - want a mint?) till I get around to doing it.

Until then, go sponsor Jake in the Blogathon. Then keep him company in his IRC channel while he's furiously blogging away for charity.

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