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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Looky, there's a new site design. It's based on something from wicked designs, but I did a little customization and I made the logo all by my little graphic design-challenged self. Go, me. I think the new color scheme is more "me" than that hideous pink - I don't know what the fark I was thinking when I went through that pink phase. Anyway, if you love it, hate it, have suggestions, or want to tell me to go fux0r myself, holler at me. (Yes, I know that I promised ass in the redesign, but I changed my mind. My apologies.)

I'm getting all excited about the Comic-con. I'm leaving Friday morning to go there and wallow in geekiness for three days. I've been attending it every year for the past 10 years. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a major geek. Anyway, I'm especially looking forward to it because I will be staying at a kickass hotel. I really enjoy staying in hotels, which is one of the things I miss the most about working as a consultant. I used to get to travel constantly on somebody else's dime and have stayed in some really beautiful hotels. I'll still enjoy it, but it's just a teeny bit more enjoyable when it's free.

Tonight I will be busy printing comics for the convention. I don't have a booth this year, mainly because we didn't have time to finish the full-length comic that we're collaborating on, so I'll just be walking around at the convention handing out copies of the existing book and saying hi to all my old industry buddies. The lady will join me, but I think that she might only be able to stomach one day of geekiness; for the uninitiated, the Comic-con can be kind of overwhelming, unless you speak fluent Klingon or know the mutant powers of all of the X-Men. My guess is that she'll become fairly well acquainted with the folks in room service, and who can blame her, really? There's only so much Comic-con a non-geek can take.

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