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Monday, June 09, 2003

Back in black:

I'm back in L.A., safe and sound, and despite my best efforts to reinvent myself as a bra-wearing, colorfully-wardrobed upstanding citizen, I am wearing a black and grey ensemble today. Shockingly enough, though, I'm wearing a skirt, for the second day in a row no less, and for those who know me that is quite a feat. I guess that's how I deal with summer - instead of wearing skimpier stuff in brighter colors I just put on a long, dark skirt and skulk around like I'm some kind of evil supervillian in their daytime disguise as a corporate goth.

In between hospital visits and telecommuting last week, I spent some time messing with Trepia. The concept is pretty interesting, but the execution so far is a little weak - you're supposed to be able to filter people based on their proximity to you, but right now the location-based search either isn't working or they have too few users for it to be effective. Anyway, it led to some fun times over the weekend as I had many, many random strangers talk to me because I am one of only about 3 women users on it right now. Fun times!

I promise a return to hilarity shortly after I obtain some nice Xanax to make me stop worrying about everything that's gone all pear-shaped in my life lately. In the meantime, watch out for the monkeypox!

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