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Thursday, June 26, 2003


Life ain't nothin' but bitches and moneyThe three and a quarter of you regularly read this blog and the two and a third of you who have read through all of my archives in the last few weeks (don't tell me I don't look at my site statistics, baby) have probably realized by now that I go through periods when I am incredibly prolific in my writing and then all of a sudden the well dries up for whatever reason and I just sit here and don't post a goddamn thing for a week or more. This just shows my tendency to procrastinate my ass off. I will stare at my blog and reread the last post or twelve and try to come up with something ever so witty and fascinating and it won't just pop into my head so instead of making a concerted effort to find something to write about, I just sit here and work on my secret evil plot for world domination.

One of the steps I am taking to further that plot is to jump on the mix CD bandwagon like Scott and CW and make a kickass mix CD to distribute to a select few of my minions, er, I mean readers. Now, in case you are doubting my ability to create a kickass mix CD due to the distinct lack of musical discussion in my previous posts, Kerry can attest to my mix CD prowess. I made her a very special mix CD so that she would have something totally kickass to listen to while she was packing and getting ready for her move, and there is nothing like listening to good and/or funny music to make you feel better about the hell that is moving. Anyway, my mix CDs are not only totally fabulous but also wildly schizophrenic, because I will put stuff like N.W.A., Radiohead, and Marilyn Manson on the same CD. Yes, I am just that crazy.

I will be coming up with an entirely new playlist and making the mix CDs in the next week or so. It will be a limited edition of, say, 13 copies, because that number freaks people out. If you want one, post a comment or send me an e-mail telling me how beautiful, witty, charming, intelligent, and sexy I am. Bribing me with presents from one of my wishlists won't hurt, either.

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