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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

O, Canada:

I'm in Vancouver, BC right now and I dig it. I arrived yesterday evening and was sent through immigration in addition to customs because I'm here on business, I guess. Or maybe I looked suspicious, what with the dark cloud of evil emanating from my cold, black heart and all. Anyway, I'm in downtown Vancouver till Friday and I plan to find hot Canadian chix to make out with sometime before then.

I decided not to open for Artwalk. Instead, I am inviting people to visit so that we can spend time walking around, looking at art, drinking, and making fun of hippies. It should be a grand old time. I also came up with an idea for mounting my favorite photo which should look hella cool and make people who see it in the gallery downstairs REALLY upset that I'm not open. Alternately, it will make them give me money, and I'm all for that.

When I get home this weekend I am vacuuming every exposed surface in my entire loft and purchasing this scanner which will make my life so much easier. My current scanner, also an Epson, is great and scans 35mm and medium format beautifully, but the process takes forfuckingever because I have to load the film into a film holder one section at a time, which means that it takes at least an hour or more to scan one roll of 35mm film. This new one will let me feed it in automatically so I can just go do other shit like take more photographs or advance my plans for world domination. And then of course I'll probably buy a Hasselblad and be stuck scanning shit manually again anyway. Oh, woe is me. Hah.

I have the best projects ever on my plate and the best friends a drunken whore from upstate NY could ever ask for. Thanks, universe.

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