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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Strike two:

New York is a different place right now. So many more people walking on the streets. Tons of people walking to work in Manhattan from outer boroughs over bridges. Cab drivers and cops standing in the front of taxi lines organizing people by destination. People say New Yorkers are rude, but when faced with adversity the willingness to help their fellow man manifests itself in so many ways.

Though the city is noisy, as usual, there is an eerie silence in some spots. Those spots are the grates in the sidewalk that are over the subways. You can stand over them for half an hour, talking to a friend, and hear nothing. No train rushing by, no cars clanking over the rails, no brakes squeaking and squawking as they pull into a station. You don't notice it at first, as you walk from West 14th street to East 83rd, but after a while, as you're standing over a grate waiting for the last asshole to pass so you can run across 6th avenue without getting clobbered by a livery driver who is ripping off his passengers for twice what the city cabs charge, you notice. Then you notice that there's never a bus at the bus stop, and that nice lady that works at the restaurant you love so much hasn't been there for a couple of days because she probably lives in an outer borough and can't walk the 4 hours it takes to get her where she's going.

But New Yorkers adapt. All day long, people are walking over the bridges to get to work. People in Brooklyn and Queens are recruiting people on the street to be the 4th person in the car so they can get into the city with the HOV restrictions. Half of the 'missed connection' ads on Craigslist for NYC now begin with "we shared a cab". Strangers on the street team together to get a taxi to take them all relatively near where they need to be. And everyone just walks everywhere. Live on the Upper East Side and want to go to the West Village? No problem. Park Slope and need to get to midtown? Sure. The New Yorkers are just finding a way to deal with it, like they find a way to deal with everything.

I fucking love this city.

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