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Friday, August 18, 2006

Built for two:

Since I got the fabulous bike for my birthday, I decided that I should maybe learn to ride again. Considering that I haven't ridden a bicycle since my life partner was born (yes, I am robbing the cradle), I am a little concerned about just strapping on a cute pink helmet and taking to the streets of New York. So, logic would dictate that the best thing for me to do is... buy another bike in L.A. so I can practice here. Therefore, I went to the bicycle shop yesterday and got an Electra Townie. This bike is really neat because the seat is low and back a little from the pedals, so when you are stopped you can plant your feet flat on the ground. I think this is a good idea for people like me who are balance-challenged. I still can't keep it upright, but hey. I'm trying.

This week I am working from home and trying to catch up on all of my administrative bullshit. I really, really need a personal assistant to do all of my expenses and stuff for me, and to write reports for me as I dictate them. Then they could yell at the software when it blows up and makes them lose their work, and I could lounge around eating bonbons. Any takers?

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