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Monday, August 21, 2006


L.A. roomie and I have been totally hermiting it up lately. We like hiding out in our cave-rooms with our respective room air conditioners blasting and watching marathons of I Love the 70s on VH1. We did take a little field trip on Saturday so I could get a steakwich, though. Yum.

Afterwards, I went and purchased a nice, small carry-on that will accommodate one work outfit, a pair of shoes, and my camera. I have to check my regular suitcase because I'm bringing SUPER DANGEROUS STUFF like shampoo and sunscreen, and if they lose my checked bag I don't want to have to show up to client sites wearing my travel uniform of jeans, flip flops, and a West Memphis Three tshirt. I haven't checked a bag for a domestic flight in over 2 1/2 years. Now, due to the fact that I have to check my toiletry items, I have to add at least an hour and a half of extra travel time to every flight I'm on to comply with the "security" measures that the completely inept DHS and TSA have foisted upon the traveling public. Sure, I could buy crap in every city I go to and then discard the partially used items when I leave, but that's extremely wasteful and I don't want to fuck the environment in the asshole just because the government is fucking me in mine.

I think I'm going to send the Department of Homeland Security (which is the fucking lamest name I've ever heard for a government agency) a bill for the luggage. And I might fill my carry-ons with dildos that have condoms and lube on them. Hey, TSA, if you want to confiscate them, GO AHEAD. But you have to pick them up yourself.

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