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Friday, April 04, 2008

On travel:

As I sit in yet another hotel room, contemplating the room-temperature remains of a fruit and cheese plate as a substitute for the mangy breakfast buffet in the lobby restaurant, I feel compelled to reply to the note so kindly left for me by this tiny-bathroomed hotel's housekeeping staff. Specifically, I am referring to the little card left in hotel bathrooms and at bedsides asking guests to please help to save the planet. Ooh, saving the planet! That sounds like a good idea. Let's read on!

The card goes on to say how so much of the precious earth's resources are squandered on washing towels and sheets that have only been used once. My god. Say it ain't so! It then goes on to implore me to voluntarily leave my towels and sheets unwashed for the remainder of my stay, using the same type of guilt-inducing language that my mother employs when she writes me letters about how I don't call her enough and oh my god will she live to see grandchildren. Excuse me while I shit all over myself trying to make sure I don't kill the earth with my clean towel! (Actually, that kind of backfired, as now I'll have to take an extra shower and use more towels to clean up that mess I just made.)

I have to hand it to the hotel cartels associations that came up with this plan to keep their housekeepers from working a full shift doing laundry and also save some cash on the shitty powdered detergent they no doubt use to wash their scratchy towels. I'm sure that true concern for the environment was their ultimate motivation, not the corporate bottom line. But way to use environmental concerns to put cash in your pockets, corporate dudes!

(Note: this was written when I was traveling a lot for work and was not in any way bitter about it.)

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