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Monday, December 04, 2006


I got tattooed last night. We added a lotus to my left leg, which is the leg that is slowly turning into a very brightly colored flower garden. The lotus is asphyxia blue, to go with my lily that is labia pink. Pretty! Photos to come when my eyes aren't bleary with post-endorphin sleepiness.

In addition to the monster amounts of travel I have been doing and will be doing for the foreseeable future, I have two more tattoo appointments this month - one with Chris O'Donnell and one with Dan DiMattia - and so I'm making a special effort to take really good care of myself. I'm taking lots of vitamins, keeping hydrated, washing my hands like I have OCD and using saline nasal spray when I fly. What can I say, I like to keep my membranes moist.

Today, I had a lot to do. Laundry, banking, acquiring q-tips... exciting stuff, no? Now I'm sitting in the airport, where I kick off a seemingly neverending trip during which I fly a lot and stay in a lot of hotels before finally going home to sleep in my own goddamned bed already. Can you tell I'm kind of over it?

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