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Monday, March 05, 2007

Love to love you, baby:

Though I'm all warmly ensconced in a committed, monogamous relationship, I sometimes think back on my wild days of wanton hedonism. I don't really regret anything, mostly because I think regret is not an emotion worth spending much energy on, but I do look at all of it as a learning experience. The times I spent in a hotel room with a secret lover (seeeekrit loooveerrrs, yeah, that's what we are), the forbidden passions with hot chix whose boyfriends were out of town, the orgy with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and a couple of Finnish dwarves... all of these things bring back fond memories, though they're not experiences I'd like to repeat. (Except maybe the Owen Wilson thing.) They were experiences I had at certain times of my life, when I was looking for what I really wanted, and I finally found it.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that my partner (and non-seekrit lover) is a photographer and often has assignments to photograph hot naked chicks in which I get to be the photo assistant.

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