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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Take this job and shove it:

In re: this post's title: What, I like cheesy country songs. Deal with it.

Last week I dragged my hot life-partner with me to some fancy shindig where we met Ira Glass, the host of This American Life, and sort of stood back and gawked at the fab columnist who made it popular to use the term "Santorum" to refer to one of the more raunchy scat-related sex acts, Dan Savage. (I also whispered, "Dan, I looooove you!" when he walked by. It wasn't creepy at all.) It was a fucking awesome show, and kind of inspirational in that it made me realize what I realized almost a year ago, which is that I am not exactly what you would call "fulfilled" or "happy" or "gruntled" (which, I suppose, is the opposite of "disgruntled") in my current job.

You see, I have been struggling with where to go and what to do in my career lately. I like what I do, but I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the framework and context in which I do it. Meaning that though I like dressing in leather-and-steel stilettos, stepping on someone's back, and making him lick said stilettos and call me mistress, I would prefer to do it outside of the confines of the dungeon. Or something like that.

So, after discussing this ad nauseam with my roommate, partner, friends, and cats, I turn to you, the fine people reading this, all one of you, and beg you to give me some of the information stored in your tasty brainmeats.

I feel like I have a couple of options: find another job either with my current employer or some other big ol' behemoth of an organization in the industry, or quit and go work for myself. Having worked for many a corporate behemoth in the industry but having never worked for myself before, I would like to get some tips and information from those of you who have been self-employed or who have started your own companies. I don't care if you started a fucking lemonade stand when you were 7 and sold icy glasses of your own pee with sugar added to an unsuspecting public, I just need to know tips, shit to look out for, pros/cons, etc. I want you to tell me, "yes, you should totally do it and take over the world" or "ohmigod, for the love of all that's holy, don't fucking do it, it's awful", and stuff like that. And maybe that lemonade recipe.

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