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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sometimes your maleness amazes me:

Sometimes I feel like all my days/weeks/months blend into each other and then whoops, it's been six months since I called my mother. That is pretty much how I feel about writing on the internets, anymore.

Anyway. Recently I have been in many places, such as Columbus, Philly, and L.A. I don't much care for Columbus, Philly kind of makes me feel like I need a shower, and L.A. is just plain sucky outside of my little artfuck enclave. I am realizing that I need to just get rid of a lot of stuff and move the rest of it eastward. To that end, I will probably be selling a bunch of shit soon.

Actually, on that topic, the lover and I will be back in L.A. next week for Artwalk. I really think you fucking assholes should show up; there will be art, cookies, and the opportunity to purchase some of my childhood. Not to mention the opportunity to walk around inside other people's lofts and ogle their personal belongings. This is a golden fucking opportunity, people. Plus, I might want to take your picture. On my gyno table. (Which is for sale.)

Details are on the Artwalk website.

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