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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You're just a love machine:

Dumb things exes have said to me, Vol. 1: The Body and Sex Issue

  • "You know, you have a totally kickin' body." (Uh, no, I didn't realize it was "kickin'", but thanks for the memo. Also, what exactly constitues "kickin'"?)
  • "Don't call it 'fucking' or 'sex' - it's 'making love'. Every time!" (Said by a guy who considered himself "macho", which is in itself an entire blog post.)
  • "Did you have an orgasm?" (If you don't think I did, I didn't. If you think I did, I probably didn't. If I can't speak English anymore, I did.)
  • "I know I'm not King Cock or anything..." (Pinkie!)
  • "I can't sleep here tonight. My mother just called and she needs me to come over." (Said by someone over 30.)
I know you have some good ones. Hit me.

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