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Friday, May 04, 2007


I have a bit of a problem with obsession sometimes. When I find something I like, I will think about it, research it, and covet it and its ilk until I somehow satiate myself, usually through mass consumerism of some sort. An example: I hadn't purchased any new shoes in a while and my everyday pair is literally falling apart after two years of daily plodding through NYC and various airports. All that shoe removal at the airport security checkpoint takes its toll. Anyway, I made the mistake of going shopping with my equally shoe-obsessed friend this past weekend, and since then, after being reintroduced to the world of shoe shopping and introduced to a designer that I had previously been blissfully unaware of, I have purchased 5, count 'em, 5 pairs of new shoes. I now have some super-cushioned sandals for summer pedicure display, some mary-janes for cuteness, new patent leather heels for work, some of those goddamn ballet flats that everyone and Mary-Kate are wearing, and a pair of heels with a corset-y detail on them that look like hot sex. And then I just went online and ordered a bag that makes me jizz in my pants every time I think about it. Let's not even get into the fucking sunglasses I bought. I am ridiculous.

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