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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Swallowing diamonds:

Today, I got shipping confirmation for my superhot purse and shoes and other new things that will make me look all glamorous, like a drag queen or perhaps Eddie Izzard. This makes me happy, because it means I will have these new things before our trip this weekend to visit family and I can go get my hair did, put on my ridiculous sunglasses, and look fabulous.

Today, I received our new living room rug and side table/bookcase thingy. The living room is almost complete, except for the three paintings that should be arriving shortly. This also makes me happy because our condo is really starting to look like our home.

Today, the cat puked three times, but not on the new rug or my furniture. This is quite a feat.

Today, I am wearing pants instead of pajamas. Things are looking up.

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