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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shallow Kat:

Once again, I was in a city that I thought I wouldn't like that turned out to actually be pretty cool. Last time it was Pittsburgh, this time it was Cleveland. I was bummed that the Indians were out of town, since I like to go to baseball games and haven't checked that stadium off my list. (My goal is to go to every baseball stadium, but I only go when I am traveling for work, since I would never go to a lot of these places on my own. I much prefer to have other people fund my semi-apathetic baseball viewing aspirations.)

Instead I went to the fucking mall because I wanted to see which goddamn handbags and shoes were on sale. I did this even after I a) created a database cataloging all of my purses and shoes, categorized by designer and color, b) added up exactly how much I have spent on purses and shoes in the past two months and c) shot myself in the head for being that fucking shallow. While bleeding from a fresh head wound is bound to cause a saleslady or two to raise an eyebrow, I did manage to score some incredibly comfortable and cute loafers, and while doing so, mentally pruned the list of shit I have recently purchased and decided to return a bunch of it. Therefore, I am going to the other damn mall near(ish) to me in the next couple of days so that I can return two handbags and two pairs of shoes. (Not these skull ones though, as they are too cute to return. Plus I wore them already.)

I have been having some really odd dreams lately, too. Full moon? My subconscious trying to tell me I'm a shallow asshole? Or something else?

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