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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I hate technology:

I arrived back at my place in L.A. yesterday to find that the DSL had stopped working yet again. Usually we just reset the modem about 7 times and eventually it reconnects, but not this time. After four(!) calls to AT&T's very friendly but completely ineffective technical support, I was told that it can't even be dealt with until at least tomorrow.

On the first call, my AT&T mobile phone dropped the call while they were doing a line test (so much for that "fewest dropped calls" bullshit). On the second, the person told me that there was an outage affecting the area, which was a line of bullshit because every single neighbor I have has AT&T DSL and they were fine. On the third, I got disconnected again(!) and on the fourth they finally told me that they think the problem is with the line but that their line maintenance department was already closed for the day and would also be closed today for the holiday.

Now, mind you, I have called AT&T for this DSL problem at least 4 separate times in the past (all of which involved multiple phone calls/callbacks like this one) and each time they told me the line was fine, it was the modem, or it was an outage, or whatever bullshit crap they decided to feed me that day. I am so fucking over them, but I am determined to get this fixed before I go back to NYC so that my roommate can have unlimited porn downloads again.

In other news, I got a red Blackberry Pearl, and in the meantime I can use it as a tethered modem for internet access. But getting that to work sucked a whole bunch of cocks too, and took about 4 hours of repeated phone calls to AT&T also. After threatening to drop every single AT&T service I have, they finally routed me to a nice Canadian fellow who talked to me like a person instead of a dumb girl who doesn't know anything about computers, and got the tethered modem working perfectly. All I needed was the goddamn initialization commands for the modem, but the first three people I talked to didn't know what I was talking about. So I'm going to write up a little tutorial on how to do it, since they apparently don't have it documented anywhere that their level 1-3 tech support people can find.

And on that note, I'm going to go make myself a nightcap and try to sleep through the fireworks and inevitable guns being shot in the air by my lovely ghetto-tastic neighbors.

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