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Sunday, August 26, 2007

In which I reveal mysterious things:

So, for a little over a year and a half now, I have been making veiled references to my lover, who has remained genderless in all of my posts. I pointed this out once or twice, leading people to not even try to guess, but to IM me all like, "omg, tell me!" Of course I caved, because I am a lameass pussy like that. Of course, I only have like 1.2 readers per month anymore. Like you even care. But something Super Huge happened recently, so I figured I should out my lover's gender.

By an interesting stroke of luck, my lover and I have birthdays that are one day apart, and this year they fell on a weekend. So we figured we should go out of town, and the town we chose was the other city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. I mean, nothing says "birthday extravaganza" like strippers, buffets, and gambling. So off we went. I didn't know the lover had a little something planned for the weekend.

While we were there, we enjoyed the company of friends, some gratuitous Klingon sightings, some poker (broke even) and roulette (came out ahead) and a show. In between all that, we got engaged.

That's right, bitches. I said engaged.

The proposal: very romantic. The ring: blingtastic. The proposer: of the male persuasion.

You heard that. I'm getting married in some semblance of a traditional manner. What. The. Fuck.

He's kind of a lesbian though. Even my lesbian friends think so. And they're way more butch than you.

Anyway, the fiance is a great guy - romantic, kind, considerate, helpful, affectionate, and a dynamo in the sack. And he has a beard that renders one speechless. You may view him (and his beard) in the photo area to the left. I'm rather fond of him, as you can imagine, since I'm such a cynical bitch that marriage would have never otherwise occurred to me. Fortunately, he thinks my comments about stabbing stupid bitches as we walk hand-in-hand through Union Square are amusing. Which means he must be the right one for me.

Enjoy my post-proposal joy:

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