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Sunday, November 11, 2007

You want that fried, or deep fried?

For my new job that is supposed to involve little to no travel, I traveled again this past week. I flew down to my least favorite city, Raleigh, for a two-day in-depth technical meeting. 12-hour meetings with grumpy people? Not my thing. Good thing I took a job where I have to do that a lot. At least we got to eat buttery, buttery steaks one night.

After all that fun, my flight back to New York was delayed a few hours. I think that the flight down there was the only on-time flight I have been on in the past six months. That wouldn't be remarkable if I had flown like, 4 flights, but I flew probably 20+ times during that time period. Fuck air travel, right in its ear. Especially to and from the New York area. There's actually an article in the current issue of New York Magazine about it. The NYC trifecta of airports have the worst on-time record for arrivals in the country. Super! I see a lot of road trips in my future.

I promise to be less bitchy soon. I swear. I'm just going through a thing. Hopefully it will lead to an upswing in photos of scantily clad bitches. That always makes me feel better.

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