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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Sometimes I have amusing conversations on the internets. Observe:

dirtyfez: i'm watching spaceballs
dirtyfez: but you are probably too young to know wtf that is
Goose: that's ludicrous
Goose: i love spaceballs
dirtyfez: oh right, you are a dude and all
dirtyfez: my bad
Goose: i don't have tim gunn, instead i have spaceballs
dirtyfez: haha
Goose: what part you at
dirtyfez: they just went into the ear of the giant transformers maid. after they blew the air back into druidia
dirtyfez: and daphne zuniga is looking all hot and stuff.
Goose: wow, why would you know her name
Goose: i mean, yeah, she's hot, but still
dirtyfez: and bill pullman is like "i have a promising acting career ahead of me!" and then whoops.
Goose: haha
dirtyfez: because she was on 90210 or melrose place or something.
Goose: what do you mean, he was a great president in id4
dirtyfez: and "zuniga" is fun to say
dirtyfez: he WAS
dirtyfez: he totally blew up alienz omg.
Goose: with windows 95
dirtyfez: and a dos prompt
Goose: i was like 12, i found that plausible
dirtyfez: totally.
dirtyfez: fyi, i may have to blog this part of the conversation
Goose: pay me
dirtyfez: k i'll give you 1 million spacebucks

God. Such nerds.

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