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People have been bugging me to put up an 'about' page for a while now, so here it is.

what the fuck is this site about, anyway?

The name:
I have a dirty mind. I like fezzes. Take those two ingredients, add in several shots of single malt scotch to taste, then stir. Results: Dirty Fez.

The content:
Ha! Content, you say? We don't need no steenking content. Right now, the site is pretty much just a home for my weblog and a collection of links to other weblogs and sites of interest to me. Eventually, I plan to add a gallery of my photography.

about me
things you didn't ask and never wanted to know about your lovely hostess

My location:
I live just outside of downtown Los Angeles in the Brewery Artists' Complex. I have lived previously in the following towns and cities, in chronological order: Watertown, NY; Phoenix, AZ; Huntington Beach, CA; Totowa, NJ; Ridgewood, NJ; Weehawken, NJ; New York, NY; Irvine, CA. I have lived in at least 17 different buildings. I am tired of moving.

My physical attributes:
I have red hair, fair skin, and hazel-green eyes. I am fairly tall and of average build. I do not attend 47 yoga classes per week, I don't have big boobs, I have never had liposuction, I don't bleach my hair blonde, and I don't have a tan, so I don't fit in at all in Los Angeles. Well, I don't fit in on the wessssside, anyway.

My job:
My official job title is "Senior Programmer/Analyst". I work for a medium-sized software company. If you do not work in an IT department, you have probably never heard of us. If you do, you are probably using our software.

My career:
I started out as an accountant with the ambitious goal of becoming a tax attorney. Then I got my hands on some software development tools and changed careers. I still know enough about accounting to be dangerous. I primarily specialize in Lotus Notes and Domino, but I also dabble in WebSphere and a few other things. I have written two books on Lotus technologies. Through some happy accident people in my field regard me as an expert in those technologies and sometimes they ask me to speak at conferences. I have several techie certifications, and my ultimate goal is to obtain so many certifications and acronyms that they will not fit on one line.

My interests:
I have many interests, primarily due to my ADD. They include photography, painting, religion, sociology, philosophy, physics, comic books, and various and sundry things that I can't think of right now because I'm trying too hard. I spend the majority of my spare time on photography. I have a fairly large vintage camera collection. None of them are worth much, but they entertain me, and that's all I really need, don'tcha think?

My family:
I have a daughter, who I gave up for adoption 13 years ago. My parents are divorced. My mom has remarried and lives with her husband in Tuscon, AZ. My dad has not remarried and lives alone in Watertown, NY, across the street from my childhood home. I have a plethora of cousins due to rampant Catholicism amongst my family members. They all think I'm the weird one in the family. They're right.

I don't have any idea why the fuck this is turning out to be the least funny thing I have ever written, but it is. Oh, well! You fuckers asked for it!

Love me? Hate me? Want to send me presents? Tell me.