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Monday, May 20, 2002

Sweet mother of fucking. I've stayed away for a long time again. No wonder my hit count goes down (huh, huh, she said "goes down") progressively after each post. It's been over a month since I last updated this godforsaken site! Look, I've been busy, ok? And this time, it's not a lame excuse. No, really. I swear!

See, I got a job.

Yep. That's right. I'm a corporate drone yet again.

I started on the 22nd. I spent two weeks getting acclimated, which basically included 1) meetings, 2) meetings, 3) getting four huge projects assigned to me, and 4) meetings. Then I went to a technical conference thingy in San Francisco for a few days. I was gonna visit some friends while I was there, but there was so much geekery and schmoozery happening that I couldn't do anything except geek out all day, go eat dinner and then pass out. Then I came home and had the full-on hardcore Mother's Day weekend. See, I have one kidlet and my girl has two, so there was much driving and present exchanging action. THEN I had to go back to work last week and deal with all of the crap I missed the previous week, and of course, there were meetings.

So, finally, dear readers (there ARE more than one of you, right?), I've got three and a half minutes of spare time. And all I'm doing is telling you about why I've been gone. See what happens? Having a job and a romantic relationship will just kill off your entire virtual existence! Oh, the horror.

I promise, I'll think up something really interesting to talk about soon, and then I'll write a big long rant for you to enjoy. Really. I swear.

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