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Friday, September 27, 2002

Certain sounds bother the living bejeezus out of me. I was at the bank today, and the guy standing behind me was breathing really loudly (not like, prank call breathing, just loud breathing) and making these smacking noises with his chewing gum. I get so annoyed when people do that. Then again, I have a fairly loud speaking voice and I probably have a million annoying little habits too, so I guess I can let it pass. It was just.. icky.

No celebrity sightings this week, either. Looks like that plan I had for the regular celebrity sightings feature isn't working out too well. I was planning to go to the Creation Star Trek Convention on Saturday night, so that I could regale you with tales of Trek stars and the 34 year-old sweaty male virgins (who still live in their parents' basement) that love them, but I don't think I would ever live down actually attending a Star Trek convention. Besides, I really only wanted to see TV's Wil Wheaton performing during the evening show, because he's funny and I still owe him a comic book. But when I weigh that against seeing 27 overweight, middle-aged "weekend Klingons" in full costume simulating a glorious battle, I think I'd rather just stay home.

I've also got an actual good reason for staying home - I have homework to do. I need to complete a review and evaluation of 6 HTML editors. I was going to do uber-geeky ones like emacs, Vi, and my favorite, Notepad, but I think that the professor is looking for something more widely used by the general unwashed masses. So I'm doing stuff like Dreamweaver and TopStyle, and trying very hard to avoid reviewing FrontPage. I'm sure he'll think I'm overlooking it, so I'm going to have to mention why I am not reviewing it. I can't say something simple and truthful like "I hate Micro$oft with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns"; after all, this is a college paper, and they want, like, facts and stuff.

Also. The Brewery Artwalk open studio tour is coming up on October 12-13. My studio will be open, along with another hundred or so. Mark the date on your calendars, kids. I'll start yammering incessantly about it in the next couple of weeks, and I'll even harass some of you personally with e-mail reminders! Can you feel the love?

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Friday, September 20, 2002

I am continuously amused by the peculiarities in the speech patterns of NPR commentators. They boast a remarkable collection of suppressed accents, speech impediments, overenunciation, and "wet" voices. The wet-talkers, as I like to call them, are the ones that bother me the most. They sound like they're speaking while their mouth is nearly overflowing with saliva. I mean, the saliva is audible. One of the wet-talkers sounds as though he has a combination of mucous and spittle pooled in his throat that is on the verge of preventing him from speaking or breathing. Sometimes, while listening to him, I have to suppress my gag reflex, because the sound of his voice is so nauseating. I'm compelled to keep listening, though, because the frigging content of their news programming is so interesting. I mean, where else can you hear what it sounds like if you're schizophrenic and the re-creation of an Irish queen's march on your drive home from work?

There are no celebrity sightings this week. Well, I saw one of the guys from Beat the Geeks at an art show last night. I was too preoccupied with the entertainment to notice if there were any other local celebrities in attendance, though. Since I don't have any exciting tales of celebrity hijinks to regale you with, I'll leave you with this deep, philosophical comment from one of our greatest modern thinkers:

Interviewer: "Tell me Beavis, what is your raison d'Ítre?"
Beavis: "Um.. hehehmmheh. It's in my pants."

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Friday, September 13, 2002

My daily life is somewhat boring. Well, maybe not boring, just mundane. Predictable. Uneventful. I get up, go to work, come home. I eat, work out, read, and surf the fantabulous interweb. But sometimes, in between ridding my inbox of offers to 'enlarge my penis NOW!' and wrestling with the evil enemy that is household clutter, I actually go outside and do stuff. And sometimes, while doing said stuff, I see celebrities. (I do live in Los Angeles, you know. It's their natural habitat.) Now, I'm not one of those people who will walk up to a celebrity and ask for an autograph or tell them how much I like their acting/singing/perky butt, but I do take notice when I stumble across someone in real life that I've only seen on the teevee. And so I've decided, my dear reader(s), that I will share my observations of various celebrities and their habits with you. Aren't you excited? I know I am! I can hardly contain myself! I may need to go buy some Depends!

So far this week, I've only seen two of our lovely city's famous residents. On Wednesday, whilst tooling around Hollywood in search of venues for a group art show (which is another story entirely), we saw Chester from Linkin Park driving around in a brand new Cadillac Escalade EXT. It could've been someone else, but the tattoos are pretty distinctive.

The other one qualifies as celebrity sighting of the week. It was none other than Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm sure it was him, as we were sitting 20 feet away from him at Real Food Daily, a local vegetarian restaurant. (The food there is AWESOME, by the way.)

I think I may make the 'celebrity sighting of the week' a regular feature. It'll give me something to write about when I don't have anything of substance to discuss. I'm going to a shitload of gallery openings this weekend, so I expect next week's celebrity sightings post will be far more interesting than this one. Maybe I'll catch one of 'em doing something naughty. One can only hope.

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

I haven't posted anything in a while because I haven't had anything to say. I do now, though.

I'm not going to discuss my feelings about September 11th at length, because I think that's something that each of us has to deal with in their own way. We can choose to be affected by it, or we can choose to ignore it. We can choose to discuss it with others, or we can choose to reflect upon it privately. I've chosen to reflect upon the events of September 11, 2001 privately. It just kind of snuck up on me - I can't believe it's been a year already!

Many things have changed in my life since then. Some things occurred that really sucked ass. Other things have happened which make me wonder what I've done to deserve such good luck. I've lost friends, made new ones, changed jobs, traveled, and learned a lot of things about myself and the people I care about. I went through a long period of unemployment, which made me appreciate my new job even more when I started. I had some, erm, interesting romantic encounters, which made me appreciate my beautiful girlfriend even more when I fell in love with her. All in all, I don't regret anything, except that through some serious errors of judgement, I caused some serious drama and emotional distress in people who were close to me. A shitty way to learn about myself, really, but at least I learned something. I realize that probably sounds kind of callous, but that's not how I intended it. I just can't kick myself for my thoughtless behavior indefinitely - I have to learn from it, resolve to never behave in that manner again, and move on.

In other news, I've decided to take a couple of classes this semester. They're online courses from one of the local community colleges, which means they will be really easy. They start on Monday, but the retards at the bookstore haven't shipped my books yet, so I may have to go down there and pick them up, which is a huge pain in the ass. The parking situation there is horrible, and I despise actually going to college campuses when there are classes in session. I'm a 28 year old technical professional who's been in the workforce for over 10 years and out of school for 5 years, and I just can't be bothered to physically go to a campus. I suppose I may have to suck it up and just go, because I can't do the coursework without the textbooks. Maybe I'll just call the bookstore and give 'em a good talking to. They're probably all 18 year old kids working there part-time to earn extra cash for underage drinking and steamy hot backseat sex, so I bet I can intimidate them with my professional credentials and maturity. If that doesn't work, I'll bribe them with a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And now, I shall leave you with some Buddhist poetry. I wish our current "elected" leaders would take heed.

Promise me:
Even as they
strike you down
with a mountain of hatred and violence;
even as they step on you and crush you like a worm,
even as they dismember and disembowel you,
remember, brother,
man is not our enemy.

The only thing worthy of you is compassion -
invincible, limitless, unconditional.
Hatred will never let you face
the beast in man.

-Excerpt from Recommendation, by Thich Nhat Hanh

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