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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween, party people.

I didn't dress up today, but I saw plenty of people who did. It's slightly disconcerting to see a witch get out of a Mercedes and walk into Togo's and get a sandwich. It's more disconcerting to watch the owner of your company announce service awards while dressed as the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

A while back I was chillin' on the couch and watching reruns of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central. The episode they were airing featured the best band ever, The Time. I tell you what, Morris Day is one fly-ass mofo. The man sat down to dinner onstage during a song. Who else has the balls to do that shit? Nobody. I think Kevin Smith was onto something - The Time is gonna come back, er, big time. Mark my words.

On a more serious note - I'm sure you've heard about Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC. I realize I'm probably being trendy mentioning him on my blog, but I really enjoy Run-DMC's music and I think it's a true loss of a talented musician. R.I.P.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I think that perhaps part of the reason that I stopped writing often is that there is far less drama in my life than there used to be. Everything is stable (read: boring) now - my love, work, car, and money situations are all in good shape. Since I'm no longer unemployed, I have far less spare time to write mindless drivel like I used to. Throw in the added time-sucking activities like school and commuting and I'm left with precious little time and motivation to write about anything.

I'm trying, though. I'm trying because I love to write. Granted, there are far better things on the interweb that you could be wasting time with. But as the old adage says, practice makes perfect. So I'm going to keep practicing, and subjecting you poor saps to my writing experiments.

Can you feel the love?

I can.

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Friday, October 25, 2002

What a friggin' week. Snipers and deficits and baseball - oh, my! What's that, you say? We have a budget deficit? Why, yes, yes we do. Perhaps you didn't notice because Sniper News Network didn't devote much coverage to the story. Well, now you know. Damn government overspending.

Maybe I should just cut my losses and move to an island.

Moving on. I'm going to a costume party tonight and I have no idea what to wear. I've come up with several costume ideas, but I can't make up my mind. If all goes well, though, I'll have some photos to show you soon. In fact, I might even update before next Friday! Shocking, I know, but you'll get over it.

I haven't had a decent celebrity sighting in a while, so once again, I'll have to delve into the celebrity sighting archives (conveniently stored in the left-rear corner of my brain). The day I bought my new used car, I took Liz to Benihana to thank her for accompanying me to the dealership. She got a bit tipsy from one of their specialty drinks. As we were leaving, we noticed a fine pseudo-celebrity specimen attempting to get a table: Mr. Ron Jeremy, porn star extraordinaire. He was accompanied by two people, and apparently they were having trouble getting seated right away. The guy who was with him said, "Maybe you should tell them who you are." I found this fairly amusing, but it sent Liz into a fit of giggles due to her state of intoxication. We're sorry, Ron. We didn't mean to laugh.

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Friday, October 18, 2002

Yesterday, on a show on the local talk radio station, there was a call-in segment during which listeners were encouraged to call in with fictional names of Middle Eastern knock-offs of Western products. There were plenty of callers with something to say, most of which contained crude camel references or cheap shots at various aspects of Arab culture. During this segment, one of the hosts mentioned that in many Middle Eastern countries, women are decapitated or stoned to death for having extramarital or premarital sex. As he was commenting on this, he said the phrase "Yeah, they do that over there." They. Now, I am vehemently opposed to many punishments for perceived "crimes" in that region and this one in particular, but the thing that stuck out in my mind about that comment as well as the segment is that people in the U.S. just don't understand other cultures. (And yes, I knew this already. This was just an unpleasant reminder.) Not only do we, as a country, not understand other cultures, we don't seem to have any interest in learning about them. There are far too many Americans who make no effort to learn about the many rich and diverse cultural heritages that exist elsewhere in the world. They are so convinced of their cultural superiority that they just don't care about anyone else. Yes, many practices that are the norm in other cultures are ones that I find completely abhorrent. But there are just as many that I find interesting, fascinating, and beautiful. And even though I'm opposed to many of these practices, I will be better able to understand people who were raised in a different cultural environment if I make an effort to learn about their culture. Having a xenophobic attitude does nothing to foster cultural understanding or peace between disparate nations.

Been paying attention to the news lately? In the past week, there has been a bombing in Bali, unrest in West Africa, bombings in the Phillipines, revelations from North Korea, and sniper attacks near Washington, DC. Of course, our "leader" has been quick to blame al-Qaeda for the attacks in Bali. Britain and Australia also think that the attacks are tied to Islamic extremists. Some are even suggesting that the sniper attacks could be related to al-Qaeda. And you know what? I'm offended.

I'm offended that the U.S. citizenry can't see the wool that's being pulled over its eyes. I'm offended that the Bush administration is trying to link tragic events to an alleged terrorist organization that may or may not have committed them so that they can further their own warmongering agenda. I'm offended that someone thinks it's a good idea to detonate a truck full of explosives in front of a building to prove a point. I'm offended that some person thinks so little of human life that he or she is picking off random strangers as they fill up their cars with gas or standing in front of their school. I'm offended that people are so eager to rush off to war. I'm offended by pretty much everything that's going on in the world right now, because I think humanity is capable of so much more. And I'm particularly offended that we can't seem to overcome our propensity for violence for just one fucking minute and realize that we're on a path to complete and utter destruction.

Fuck. Come on, people. Can't we all just get along?

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Friday, October 11, 2002

It's crunch time. I've got to complete three papers for school by tonight so I can spend the next two days drinking whisky and talking to strangers that will be traipsing through my living room. If you're in L.A., stop by. Find me and mention dirtyfez and I'll give you a present.

In other news, our dubiously elected "leader" has received authorization from the House and Senate to make the decision to use force in Iraq. Basically, the guy who calls Russian president Vladimir Putin "Pootie-Poot" now has the only say in deciding if our country goes to war. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking maybe we should investigate getting the hell out of here.

I have no celebrity sightings to share with you this week, but I fully expect to have some for you next week, since celebrities tend to show up at Artwalks. While you're waiting, keep yourself occupied learning how to defend your drinking habits and swear in a foreign language. Who says the Internet makes you stupid? Not me. I learn something from it every day.

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Friday, October 04, 2002

Have you noticed that almost all U.S. government officials, including our dubiously elected president, refer to Saddam Hussein as "Saddam"? Tony Blair does it too, and so do some of the media. I find this interesting. I don't think that any other so-called enemy of the U.S., no matter how despised, has been referred to in such a casual, familiar manner. You don't hear "President" Bush referring to Kim Jong-il, the leader of "axis of evil" nation North Korea, as "Jong-il". (By the way, that's his given name; in many Asian nations, the surname is said first. For geek reference, this is also done on Bajor.) Nobody ever called President Marcos of the Philippines "Ferdinand" when he was in the midst of being overthrown. Hell, they didn't even refer to Osama bin Laden by his first name, and he was the most talked about enemy of the Bush administration for quite a while. Actually, I think he was referred to as "Osama" in the media, but that was mostly by laypeople that were being interviewed for "man on the street" opinions.

So, what does this all mean? Is it a deliberately calculated way of showing how little respect they have for him? Has the Bush family just been talking about the guy so much over the last 11 or so years that they've slipped into a familiar manner of speaking about him? Maybe they're all really good friends, on a first-name basis, and are just making up all this war talk so they can drum up oil prices and have funny stories to tell the grandkids. "Saddam III, let grandpa tell you about that time Uncle George made everyone think he was going to blow me up! They all bought it too! What a hoot!"

You never know.

No celebrity sightings this week. I can tell you about a celebrity sighting from several months ago, though. I saw Tommy Lee and his girlfriend at a gallery opening in Los Feliz. We had been there for a while already, and when he walked in, a friend of ours said "Well, you know it's time to go home when Tommy Lee shows up!" I don't think Tommy thought it was funny, though.

Brewery Artwalk information: Saturday and Sunday, October 12-13, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Driving directions on the Brewery site, and you can see a map of the property here. Our space will be open both days. She's showing paintings and I'm showing photographs and maybe a painting or two if I get brave.

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