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Monday, June 28, 2004

Into the vertiginous abyss:

Eating disorders: First step on the downhill spiral that leads to porn. Hopefully.I noticed this flurry of comments after I posted something about my love life, and I'm a total comments whore, so I'll definitely keep you fucking voyeurs updated about that shit as it progresses. I'm going to see the longdistancepunkrockboyfriend in two days, so after we spend a lot of quality time together lighting our cats on fire, I will be sure to tell you all about it, in ridiculously sappy detail.

In other news, I had a fairly eventful weekend. My friend Dorky came over on Friday and we drank far too much Liquid Panty Remover. LPR is this vile concoction composed of two parts Boone's Farm bum wine and one part vodka. I haven't consumed that horrid Strawberry Hill crap since high school, because in my old age I have turned into quite the booze snob and I only drink things that cost more per drink than the bartender earns per hour. Anyway, the morning after I drank the disturbingly sweet poison, quoth my stomach, "NEVERMORE!" It was like morning sickness but without the resulting 18-year jail sentence.

After the pukefest, we went to San Diego for a barbecue that some friends organized, stayed for 2 hours, came back to L.A., went to my favorite gallery, went to a party at ye olde artistes complex, spent some time with my favorite tattoo artist, and finally, blissfully, fell asleep. That was a long motherfucking day.

Sunday was all about shopping - one of my neighbors makes really awesome jewelry and he was having a studio sale at his place this weekend. I bought myself four pairs of plugs (earrings for stretched piercings, for the uninitiated) and three necklaces. I'm going back today to look at ear weights and antique stuff and I'll probably end up spending a buttload of money on gifts, because I'm generous like that, motherfuckers.

I'll be in Toronto with my boy from Wednesday - Saturday. We're going there for a big gathering of weirdos. Yes, I'll post photos. Probably while I'm there - the hotel has poolside wifi, and the boy and I have to come up for air and sandwiches sometime. Maybe we'll even have a webcam.

AT THE POOL, you voyeuristic perverts.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Everybody knows:

Even though I get 100+ unique visits a day and only get an average of three comments per post, I know at least half of you motherfuckers want to know about my love life, don'tcha?

Good. I'll tell you.

I'm smitten. Smitten by a wonderful boy who doesn't live anywhere near me, the fucker. We were friends of friends, knew a bit about each other, then met a few days before my brother's wedding. Sparks? I tell you, the whole city should've caught fire from them. It's like Cupid flew up and sucker punched the both of us.

I'm going to see him in a week and I'm breathless with antici..................................................................................................................... pation.

P.S. I'm still the cynical, misanthropic bitch you've grown to love. I'm just really sappy at the moment. Be happy I haven't unleashed the full sap force on you people.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

A tear of petrol is in your eye:

You are probably wondering where the fuck I have been. Well, I'l tell you: I've been right here at my desk, and in meetings, and on conference calls, and running from a 300-person welcome-to-the-giant-corporation event to a 500-person say-goodbye-to-the-old-owner shindig. This week will be far less hectic than the last two, however, so I will be able to get things done, like eating and sleeping. I will also be able to resume blogging, finally. You people probably thought I was dead and/or on a bender. And while you're half right, I didn't want you to worry about the dead part.

In other news, I have been on a fucking shopping rampage this past week. I hit up Best Buy and got a 40GB Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (thank for the long name, guys!) and an FM transmitter for it so I could play it in the car, a bluetooth headset for my seckszy mobile phone, a metric asston of CDs, a new flask, a couple of tshirts, and two new sets of plugs for my earholes. (I can't wear regular earrings because my lobes are stretched, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for very expensive, diamond-encrusted birthday presents for me in August.) I'm very happy with my purchases except for the FM transmitter, because Los Angeles has the most fucking clogged up airwaves I've ever encountered and I can't find a usable frequency, especially in the car. So I'm going to return it and get a cassette adapter so I can rock out to G'n'f'n'R in the car already.

Last night I completely redid my resume so I can apply for internal transfers at the aforementioned big huge company. It turned out really well. I used OpenOffice to create it, which makes it ever so easy to export it to pdf, and having your resume as a pdf says "I am a major geek. Give me lots of money." Working on the resume means I got out the new laptop and hooked it up to the wireless connection, which means I had three laptops connected to my home LAN. Pure fucking sex.

Next weekend I'm going to drive to San Diego for a BBQ with my friend Dorky. We will have fun driving to San Diego, especially because I will have the mp3 player all hooked up to the car stereo, so she can sit in the passenger seat and fuck with the playlist while I drive the soccermommobile looking like Locutus of Borg with my bluetooth headset on. If only we could get the transporter working.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sweet saliva:

The first week of assimilation into the Big Corporate Entity is complete. I am exhausted, but it's a good kind of exhausted. I was productive as hell. Plus, I got a big bonus. We like extra money. I'm going to go on a fucking rampage at Best Buy before you can say "mp3 player".

In other news, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are now 18, which means it's completely legal to do and/or think dirty things about them. Kind of brings a whole new meaning to the term "double fisting", doesn't it? Twincest is best!

More when I'm not delirious from a 55-hour workweek and an all-day music festival.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Fake plastic trees:

A lot of Very Big Things are happening at work this week, so I probably won't be posting anything, primarily because I will be in Very Big Meetings or helping people get acclimated to Very Big New Overlords. Don't despair, though - you can go over to that fancy little blogroll on the left and read each and every one of those Very Good Blogs.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The dust and the screaming:

She doesn't need pants!You should all know by now that I go through periods of extremely prolific writing, when I'll post every day, and then I'll be silent for a while. It's kind of like manic depression, but with less lithium.

I've been somewhat busy lately - work is super hectic, but it's hectic in that "I'm spending my entire life in meetings, please gouge out my eyes with a spork" kind of way. Fortunately, I am able to do much of this while working from home, which generally means I am wearing South Park pajamas while writing documentation and participating in conference calls. If I ever start my own company, I will insist that my staff do a lot of work in their skivvies. In my experience, it leads to greater productivity.

I've abandoned the idea of having a party at my loft for the time being - though this will probably trigger anguished cries like "nooooooo!" and "why, God, why?" and will bring about much gnashing of teeth, it is just too fucking hot in there in the evenings already and were I to cram that many people inside my space at this time of year at least two of you would spontaneously combust. Though I enjoy nothing more than setting people on fire, it's just too hazardous with all the flammable items I have in my house like the cat and the meth lab. I'll have another party in the fall, I promise.

This weekend: photography exhibit & all-day seminar. Next weekend: big-ass concert with my friend Dorky. Weekend after that: ? And the weekend after that: Profit.

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