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Thursday, January 27, 2005


I have not been posting this week because I am in Orlando at a conference and holy mother of God, I have been busy. I have been working and/or in meetings pretty much nonstop since Saturday. It's been good - I don't get to see many of these people anywhere near often enough, so just getting the chance to sit down and shoot the shit with them for 5 minutes is enough. Ok, it's not really enough, but it'll have to do.

An apparent side-effect of me not seeing people that I am very fond of is that I tend to be overly affectionate with them when I do see them. I know that was misread by at least one person, who I practically had to remove from my side with a crowbar the other night. I hope it wasn't misread by anyone else. I swear, though I may think a number of my friends are pretty dreamy, I only have eyes for that hot DJ at the karaoke bar.

Anyway, highlights from this week that (mostly) do not involve what I do for a living include many, many free drinks, watching some colleagues perform karaoke - some good, some very bad, speaking on a stage in front of 800+ people and not shitting myself, monkeys, the Spiderman ride at Universal, and watching a friend try to slide down a hill using a cookie tray as a sled.

As much fun as cookie-tray sledding is to watch (or do, according to the friend, who later attempted the same feat on an escalator with slightly less successful results), I am really looking forward to going home. I don't like being away from my own bed for this long, and I cannot remember ever being this exhausted. Okay, maybe I was close to being this exhausted after being in labor for 21 hours, or after that one time that the remote broke and we couldn't find new batteries for like 15 minutes, but other than that I think this is one of the most tiring trips I've been on in recent memory. When I get home I'm going to reward myself for a job well done with lots of naps, some hot tea, and a full frontal massage by a freshly waxed supermodel.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Gonna leave you:

Entirely valid reasons for breaking up with your boyfriend:

1. Psychotic behavior
2. Mankini
3. Non-ironic use of the word "cyber"
4. Puppy kicking
5. Doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're"
6. Rudeness to food service employees
7. Socks with sandals
8. Bigger boobs than yours
9. Using AOL as an ISP
10. Not geeky enough to know why #9 is on the list

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Everything scars the skin:

I've been kind of introspective and contemplative lately. There's drama all up in the 'hood at the moment. Friends dating people who are crazy, or who treat them like shit, or who make them depressed. Other friends going through all manner of personal turmoil. Sometimes I wish I could just listen and not let these things affect me, but I can't. And of course it's made me contemplate my own life and where I am, which has led me to exploring some online extension courses at Harvard. Yeah, constant travel, lots of work, side art projects, and now school. And I think I don't have a personal life now! I'll fucking disappear off the face of the planet at this rate.

I've been feeling an itch for change for a while anyway - I'm never content to just rest on my fucking laurels no matter how much I've achieved. A couple of friends and I were talking about their approach to life - there are people who always feel a need to continue moving, continue learning and growing and improving, no matter how many times we've taken two steps forward only to be shoved back a mile. Just because I've taken a lot of steps forward recently without taking any steps back doesn't mean I should stop moving and set up shop. It means I should continue on, taking bigger steps.

Ok, enough with the seriousness. I'm becoming quite the little art collector. Want to see the new paintings I bought last weekend? Of course you do. Warning: they'll probably almost certainly offend you, and they're definitely not safe for work. That's why they're perfect for my living room.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Clever title:

I'm back from beautiful sunny Hartford. The trip home was rather eventful in a not so fun way. My flight out of Hartford was delayed due to equipment issues, which is fine, as I'd rather they fix the equipment than leave on time with a fucked plane. However, this caused me to miss my connection in Dallas. I stayed overnight in a hotel by DFW, and by overnight I mean I checked in around 2 am and left for the airport at 5:30 am. I would've gone out on the town with my friend Allen but the 2am-5:30am timeslot in his calendar was booked already. Heh.

I ran into my pal Xeni on the flight back to LAX, as she'd been in a similar predicament with delayed flights the evening prior. After I got home, I slept all day. I also slept at least 8 hours last night, so apparently my body needed to play a little catch-up with its sleep deficit. Now I'm working on making some appointments with physicians to start getting my unresolved health matters resolved, or at least under control. I'm also going to start weight training again and doing yoga and pilates, because all the traveling I do for work (and hopefully, for fun, soon plzkthx) is making my body all tense, which then makes it easier to injure myself, which in turn puts more money into my chiropractor's pocket. I prefer to be proactive and keep myself flexible and limber so I save that money for things like chai lattes and hookers.

I also have a new photography project, which involves documenting each place I visit during my travels. It will take me an entire year to complete, and probably another month or two after that to assemble into its final form. I'm sure a couple of side projects will branch out from it as well. I'm just happy that I finally found a complementary way to combine my job with my artistic outlet.

Projects this weekend include film processing, eating sushi, making cyanotypes, organizing a 20-person outing to see my friend's comedy show, eating sushi again, and upgrading various and sundry software. Oh, and of course, helping my vaninja fight crime.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Time is running out:

I can't seem to come up with a coherent enough group of sentences to make complete paragraphs, so instead I will list the goings-on in my life in a convenient bulleted list.

  • My friend Steph lives with me now. This means that I now have a bath rug shaped like a t-bone steak and an awful lot of PBR in my refrigerator.

  • I'm going to beautiful sunny Hartford, CT on Monday for two days. The last two times I've flown to the east coast, I've caught colds. Here's hoping I won't this time, because...

  • I'm speaking at a conference in Orlando at the end of the month, and my co-presenter will beat me to death if I am sick for that, probably because she doesn't want to speak in front of 1,150 people without me.

  • I had a party Friday night, and a bunch of people showed up, but some more didn't because it was raining and it's southern CA and OH MY GOD THE ROADS WERE WET. I'm just giving them all shit because I dared to brave the weather so I could have lunch with friends AND buy booze AND buy even more booze. Now I have a lot of booze left over, but with Steph and I living in the same house, I suspect that'll be remedied in short order.

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    Friday, January 07, 2005

    Girls Gone Wild:

    Why I will never submit to Doug Stanhope's persistent, persuasive arguments to show my boobs on Girls Gone Wild:

    1) I don't show my boobs to strangers. Only people I know. One more reason to come to my party!

    2) I've hung out with Doug's mom. (And oh, the stories.)

    3) I'm not tan.

    4) Despite the fact that I own a vagina and boobs, I actually have a brain.

    The moral of this story is that if you are local and I haven't already invited you to my party on Friday night, you must e-mail me posthaste because I need to give you directions. I didn't deliberately snub anyone, I'm just a little retarded.

    Clearly not retarded enough to show my boobs to strangers, but what? I HAVE FAULTS.

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