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Monday, March 28, 2005

Seven women on my mind:

I make a new to-do list every weekend because I have the attention span of a hypoglycemic sea otter and I have to remind myself what I need to do or I'll just IRC and shop on ThinkGeek all weekend. There are some standard items that I have to do every week, but each week I seem to have a few odd ones in there as well. I've compiled a composite list including some of the weekly items and some of the activities that appear less often. See if you can pick out the odd ones.

1. Laundry
2. Dishes
3. Shave everything
4. Submit expense reports
5. Do application install on RedHat via SSH to lab machine
6. Clean catbox
7. Buy underwear in lieu of doing laundry
8. Check on canonization status of distant relative
9. Groceries
10. Car wash
11. Monitor forum on community website in which the discussion is focused entirely on my labia
12. Go to bank
13. "Personal" massage
14. Pack

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Columbus ate my liver:

Last week I learned that Columbus is a drinkin' town. Oh MAN those kids can party. Though I did spend part or most of each evening in the hotel bar getting hit on by some ridiculously audacious gentlemen (a term which I use quite loosely), I also got to see a couple of friends. One friend in particular took me to a gay cowboy bar on St. Patty's Day. That's right. Gay. Cowboy. Bar. They had strippers, even. In leather chaps, to boot.

A few lesbians showed up, and though I attempted to show my graciousness as a friendly visitor to their fine city by offering up my oral services, I found myself snatchless (save my own) at the end of the evening. Oh, woe is me. I did get a good-luck kiss at the end of the evening, because what St. Patty's Day would be complete without a little inappropriate frenching? At least my tongue got to do something while I was there. Silly lesbians, see what you missed?

This week I'm off to yet another midwestern city, but this time I won't be around anyone worth kissing, unless I happen to find another gay cowboy bar full of drunken lesbians. But really, what are the chances of me being that lucky two weeks in a row?

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


login as: dirtyfez
dirtyfez@idontwanttotalktoyou.org's password: fuckyouverymuch
Last login: Tue Mar 15 18:44:02 2005 from thebar.crowneplaza.com
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mkdir stomach
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ useradd bartender
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ chown bartender stomach
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ su bartender
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ cd /bar
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv vodka /home/dirtyfez/stomach
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv vodka /home/dirtyfez/stomach
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv vodka /home/dirtyfez/stomach
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv vodka /home/dirtyfez/stomach
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv vodka /home/dirtyfez/stomach
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv vodka /home/dirtyfez/stomach
[bartender@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ exit
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mkdir /home/crowneplaza/dirtyfezsroom
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv myass /home/crowneplaza/dirtyfezsroom
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ rm -rf mypants
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ cd /home/crowneplaza/dirtyfezsroom
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv myass mynakedass
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mkdir mybed
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ mv mynakedass mybed
[dirtyfez@liverdamage dirtyfez]$ logout

*please note: it's been a long fucking time since I had to do commandline shit from memory. so forgive me if my syntax is wobbly.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Let's get it out of the way: bla bla I'm not posting enough bla. Oops. Sorry about that.

So, I'm sitting in my living room preparing for my next business trip, and I'm watching my Palm Tungsten and my iPod mini charge from the USB drives on my laptop and my phone and laptop charge from the oh-so-retro power strip, and after I realized how goddamned geeky that was, it brought together a nice little design idea for how I'm going to revamp my home office. Now that my PBR-swillin' roomie has moved out, I can expand the office out of the little room that it's in on the 3rd floor and have a big open row o' technology extending out along the wall. This will solve the ventilation problem previously created by having several computers in an enclosed space, and also make my loft just that much geekier. Not that the "there's no place like" sticker above the door didn't already do that, but still.

I'll be traveling every single week until mid-April, and then I'm kind of on call, sort of, ish, until May 1, then I'm on vacation for two weeks. And during that vacation, I'll go to Ireland, get some medical shit taken care of, and lie back while sweaty shirtless men, and probably sweaty shirtless women, make that geeky design dream a reality.

My lord, that will be fantastic. Is it May yet?

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Portrait of a weekend*:

Number of surprise visitors: 1

Weight of cake that said, in pink lettering, "Shit bitch, you is fine": 10 lbs. (approximate)

Number of hot, tattooed women who showed up for my roomie's going-away party: 11

Drinks consumed by me on Saturday: 7

Drinks consumed by the guest of honor on Saturday: 23 (approximate)

Number of vomiting incidents: 1 (not me!)

Number of foods that trigger latex allergies consumed by my visiting brother, who has a latex allergy, at Sunday breakfast: 3

Number of resulting emergency room visits: 1

Name of hot ER doctor: Yang

How I should've introduced myself: Yin

Surprising but effective antihistamine: Pepcid (I'm not kidding!)

Level of happiness while snuggling with my brother and roomie: Astronomical

*a tribute to Scott's stats that shape a weekend meme.

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