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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Steroid Maximus:

So I just heard this rumor that another Major League baseball player has tested positive for steroids. Normally, I'd be all, "WTF guys, stop getting caught ruining baseball by enjoying the benefits of performance enhancing drugs cheating, but no. This time, I'm more like, "AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!" Why?

Because it's rumored to be Roger Clemens.

Now, don't get me wrong, the guy is a great pitcher, arguably one of the best in the history of baseball. But god DAMN is he an arrogant prick. I was so glad when he left the Yankees and went to the Astros, even though I am a Yankee fan and want them to have a good pitching staff. Why? Because, like fucking Barry Bonds and his bullshit, I think players with that arrogant, "I'm better than you, therefore I deserve special treatment" attitude are bad for team chemistry. (Of course, I think pussy-ass bitches like A-Rod are bad for team chemistry, too, but this is another discussion altogether.)

So, if Clemens is indeed positive for steroids, pardon the fuck out of me if I chuckle.

If not, then good for baseball. I'd rather not see more players on steroids. I'd rather they'd all be clean and healthy and playing their best.

But, you know, if it had to be one more guy that gets caught, I'm okay with it being Clemens, the big jerk.

Put that in your Cy Young award and smoke it.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Rainbow in the dark:

I had an excellent birthday weekend. Jordan came all the way from a fur'n country to enjoy my drunken birthday antics. Friday night was my birthday party, which consisted of grilling various cuts of meat and watching my friend Annie shake her scantily-clad ass at me. The rest of the weekend, I showed Jordan around Los Angeles, but only the good parts (in other words, we avoided Beverly Hills and environs like the plague). Plus, I took him to a Dodgers game and the Dodgers won, so he now understands firsthand the power of having me wear my Modcon 4 shirt to a game. "Is that a rabbit?" Why no, no it isn't.

Also, we played poker last night and Jordan won. Fucking Canadian Mexicans.

Then I woke up this morning and one of my suspension photos is on the cover of BME. A fitting end to an outstanding weekend.

I'm off to some frighteningly rural destination in the south this afternoon. Jordan and I share a flight to Dallas, where I'll leave him in the capable hands of either Allen or Cate, and by capable I mean drunk. Then I catch a connecting flight to hell wherever they filmed Deliverance parts unknown. And then I don't stop traveling for at least another month. Super! I'm sure I'll see one or more of you bastards during my travels.

P.S. All links in this entry are probably NSFW, or at least NSF the squeamish. Well, except the link to Jordan's column. He's awfully cute and therefore will not make the squeamish upset.

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Friday, August 12, 2005


It's my birthday today. That means I'm older than dirt, but not older than pook. All praise my mother's ability to expel me from her womb!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are you bi...lingual?

Last night I went out in San Francisco with my best friend, a coworker, and two other cute queer boys. At some point during the discussion, we started talking about lesbian bed death, and the boys all expressed disbelief that such a thing could occur. I said, "oh yeah, once we unpack the U-Haul, our sex life dies." After that, the boys started looking at me with the same look of curiosity on their faces that children have when observing monkeys in a zoo. Finally, they came up to me, and in hushed tones, one of them said, eyes wide with bewilderment, "But you don't look like a lesbian!"

I almost didn't have the heart to tell them that I'm not.*

In other, less sapphic news, tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm buying myself a new camera lens and a scantily-clad houseboy. What are you getting me?

*P.S. I do like the ladies, though, for those hot chix that might be reading this. I just believe in equal opportunity and therefore give members of both genders the opportunity to attempt to get into my pants. Whether or not you're successful is more dependent on your ability to make me laugh and provide me with alcohol than your genitalia.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

A life worth celebrating:

My friend Jordan wrote a wonderful memorial piece about Keith:
I woke up a few short hours later and, as I’m prone to do, headed straight for my computer. I hopped on IAM, checked my messages, and saw one that read simply, “Sad day.”

With the London terror attack fresh in my mind, I jump over to CNN, expecting to see the end of the world — but nothing. Then it occurs to me, Of course, BME is under attack again — we’re being shut down for good this time. I go right for Shannon’s page, and that’s where I see it.

Kind of like stepping out of bed and into a bus.

It doesn’t seem real because it can’t be.

Full article here.

It's a beautifully written piece.

I just really, really wish it didn't have to exist.

Shannon also included a note about Keith here.

I really, really want you guys to read Jordan's article, and Keith's websites, because Keith is one of the most amazing people I've ever known. I remember almost every conversation I ever had with him; some would make me laugh hysterically, some would make me question myself (in a good way), some would light a fire under my ass. But my favorite thing about Keith was that he never let anything stop him. He didn't know how to do something? As he was fond of saying, "give him 60 days", and he'd not only learn it, he'd be better than anyone else in that field. He wanted to learn about a particular subject? He'd dive in headfirst and wouldn't emerge till he'd become an expert. And he'd kick your ass while he was at it.

God damn, I miss him.

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