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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Straight up now tell me:

I've been home all week and have barely been able to get anything done. All I wanted to do all week was sleep and nest. I cleaned up the house a bit, but it's still a mess and I still wouldn't have people over. This bothers me, but what bothers me more is that I'll only have 8 days at home in the next 30 days. I need several weeks at home to just veg out and clean and do gross naked yoga poses in my front window. I like to freak out my neighbors. What? It centers me.

Tomorrow I'm headed to $NORTHAMERICANCITY$ to speak gloriously about $SOFTWAREPRODUCT$, which is cool except for the fact that I have to miss nifty Halloween parties at home, not to mention missing out on trying to beat $POKERBUDDY$ in the weekly neighbor tourney. (P.S. I have slides ready for next week, but have no idea what I'm going to actually say. Go improv!) Then I'm going to $NORTHERNEUROPEANCOUNTRY$ by myself because all of the eligible candidates for the trip have jobs and can't take time off work. Oh, how I long for a time when my friends were jobless fuckheads. Oh, and I have a tattoo appointment in NYC in December, so I'll be there at least 2-3 times more before the end of the year. Yeah, yeah, I know I am supposed to have a place there already. Be patient, fuckers.

God damn. I need a houseboy. Any takers?

P.S. Sulu came out. So did Sheryl Swoopes. Rock!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I forgot to take my pill:

My cat likes to wake me up very early in the morning by yowling in my face when I'm totally asleep, so as revenge I wake him up several times while he's dead asleep (which is, like, 98% of the rest of the day) and say completely irrelevant things to him in a language that he does not understand. I think it's only fair. I refuse to be the only sleep-deprived motherfucker in this house.

However large the Louis Vuitton trunks are under my eyes, I am having such a fucking great hair day today. I think it's because I went to bed with my hair slightly damp and now I have these kind of tousled curls that make me want to do myself. Therefore, I think I will venture out of the house today and wow others with my fabulousness. Since I am having a good cleavage day as well, I may come back with more than I bargained for.


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Monday, October 24, 2005

With a halo of deep black:

I didn't drive to Sacramento this week, because there was a storm that caused all manner of weather conditions AND a tanker crashed on the 5 north of where I live, closing down the freeway and causing several hours of delays. So I rebooked my flight at the last minute and flew in the cattle car to certain doom. I would say that it ruled but it so didn't. My week sucked. The end.

I spent this weekend doing two things: avoiding the interweb and looking at spaces for an event that I'm not sure I should be looking at spaces for. I don't have to travel again until Saturday so I am going to spend allll week enjoying Los Angeles by spending time with friends/family and studiously avoiding the west side. Oh, and trying to trick someone into coming to Switzerland with me in November. Seriously, it's a free trip to fucking Switzerland, you'd think I wouldn't have such a goddamned hard time with this shit. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Jesus. It just takes a fucking phone call.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Infinite contradiction:

I was in New York again for the week on business but managed to do fun things as well. I didn't get to go shopping, though, which pisses me off because I totally need to stop by Evolution and get some cufflinks made out of bugs since I've been wearing a lot of shirts with french cuffs lately. Oh well, I'll be back in a month.

Since Buzznet syndication hasn't been working very well lately, leaving a blank spot under the "Where am I?" section over to the left, I'm moving all my Buzznet stuff over to my Flickr page. I'll still post to Buzznet in hopes that it'll be fixed soon, but I want to back up the images anyway, so over to Flickr they go.

I'm driving up to northern California tomorrow and then will be home for one full glorious week. I decided to drive instead of flying, partially because I love my car and don't get to enjoy its awesomeness enough, and partially because, ew, Southwest. God, I'm a fucking spoiled snob.

Question: if you were a seasoned business traveler with an impending trip to Switzerland and you wanted to take someone with you on the trip, who would you take and why? Assume that the business traveler is female, has red hair, and is pretty fucking awesome. In other words, it's me.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rain rain go away:

I went to Boston and Salem last week, and on Saturday I finally escaped from witchtown, though the kitties, gay warlocks, and home cookin' were awfully tempting. In other words, I didn't really want to leave. However, I had a one-eyed cat, a Mini Cooper, and a weekly poker game with gambling addicts to get home to, so off I went. In coach. For 6 hours. Oh, the horror.

On my way through security in Boston, the x-ray chick thought she saw a "dagger" in my laptop bag, so she took everything out. She removed the 27 different kinds of power cords I have in there, each time saying "shame on IBM, for making all this stuff, IBM makes too much stuff, yeah." What? I don't care if you look through my shit, but don't fucking make idiotic commentary. After she completely demolished everything in my bag, she found the pen that was causing all the distress. The PEN. That looked like a DAGGER. Awesome. Then she jammed everything back in the bag in such a way that I couldn't close it. It ruled.

I think I need to write a rant about airport security. Very very soon.

Oh, and when I got home, one of my poker buddies accused me of being homophobic. I'm pretty sure he was serious. Ahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha. That was both insulting and hilarious.

Now I'm in another east coast city getting rained on. Last night I took a red-eye here, thinking it would be okay since I don't have to physically be in a work location looking presentable until tomorrow. I was wrong. Every time I take a red-eye, I feel like shit for the entire next day, because for some inexplicable reason, I can sleep on day flights but not on night flights. It's fucking stupid. Anyway, that's the last red-eye I will take willingly, with the exception of the one that I'm taking on my way to Switzerland next month, because I just hit Executive Platinum on American and can therefore upgrade my entire itinerary to Business, take a Valium, put on my sleep mask, and crash. Yes, I know, cry for me, I have to take a business-class international flight. Poooor me. Heh.

That said, who's coming with me?

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Little heartleaks:

Vancouver was pretty. I enjoyed spending my week with Canadians. One of them used "kerfuffle" in a sentence. It ruled. Also, I like how they pronounce 'progress'. Like "proh-gress" vs. the vulgar American "praw-gress". We should learn from our neighbors to the north.

On my flight home, I was upgraded to first, and was seated next to a 4 year old child who was traveling by himself. Young Tanner was very shy at first, but then became quite talkative after I showed interest in the seashell that he was taking with him. Apparently, that is the only thing that his parental unit (or whatever unit had put him on the plane) had given him to entertain him for the 3 hour flight. No books, no toys. An hour and a half after takeoff, after I'd obliged his desire to tear every subscription tag and coupon out of the in-flight magazines and humored him when he asked me to help him tear them to "tiny pieces" so he could "build an airport", I really just kind of wanted to take a nap like I do every time I fly home after working a shitton. Anyway, I took a nap, and when I woke up he asked, "Are you done going to sleep now?". I felt bad for this kid - obviously most adults only show interest in him if they're paid to, and if his parents don't get that 4 year olds are observant enough to figure that out, and can't put aside whatever their differences are in the best interest of their child, then they shouldn't have fucking bred in the first place.

I feel kind of like a dick for being uncomfortable in that situation, but I should not be expected to babysit when I am flying, unless it's my friend's kid or a family member. He was a sweet kid, though, so I felt bad. Sending your kids in first class to visit family is great. Sending your four year old child up and down the west coast so often that they gain status on an airline solely by flying unaccompanied is not.

In other news, I think one of my poker buddies has a crush on me, even though I lose most of the time. Or maybe because I lose most of the time. Too bad for them that I've completely given up on romance.

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