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Monday, November 28, 2005

Baby, it's cold outside:

It's been cold everywhere I've been in the past week. Coldest in NYC, second coldest in Nashville, and now cold and windy as fuck here in L.A. I fucking dig it. I walked around on Saturday with my kid and her adoptive parents in Beverly Hills and reveled in the windy glory. My hoodie actually got blown up onto my head a couple of times. That kind of ruled.

I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, playing poker, and planning my Xmas/NYE trip to NYC. Be warned, New Yorkers! I am invading. This week, I'll be at home calling the Los Angeles Superior Court every day to find out whether they need me for jury duty or not. Oh, the suspense is fucking killing me, I tell you. I plan on blogging the whole thing if I get chosen to actually participate. I am teh new journalist, yo.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


My latest trip to New York was fucking great. I got there Tuesday around noon, had lunch with my favorite princess, took a nap, went out to dinner with the loveliest meeper and spent a few hours, um, "talking" with a good friend. He had to get up early, so after he left, I (being the efficient friend-visitor that I am) promptly called my two favorite insomniacs and forced them to join me for a couple of adult beverages. Here's hoping neither of you missed your flights the next day.

On Wednesday, after a lengthy nap, I again joined HRH Poop for a swanky lunch at the bar in the Royalton, then headed over to the salon like a goddamned high-maintenance New York girl and got my hair blown out straight. I can never get it as perfect as they do in salons, so fuck it if I want to drop a little coin on making my hair look all sleek and frizz-free, bitches. Afterwards, I headed to my favorite watering hole to meet up with Mike, Melissa, Kari, and some of Melissa's friends. We told crazy Keith stories and toasted the everliving shit out of him all night. After a late-night meal, I headed back to Jenni's and snuggled with the shmeeper until I had to leave for the airport, which just happened to be right when all the bars were closing. Good times. Somehow I managed to spend two whole days in New York City on vacation without getting drunk or spending all my money. I must be growing up or something.

I'm now in Nashville, TN, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with my uncle and his family. They're great fun to hang around with, those crazy kids. I plan to stuff myself until I'm near comatose and drink some of my uncle's wine (he makes wine in his own teeny mini-winery). I head home tomorrow after joining my aunt and uncle in the recording studio for a bit. Then, this weekend - sleep. I have been more sleep-deprived on this trip than I can remember being anytime in the recent past. Two hours sleep Sunday night, 3 hours Monday, 7 Tuesday, none last night. I'm too old for this shit.

Clearly not too old to write novella-length blog posts, however.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Passion killer, you're too much:

I haven't traveled for a few weeks and it feels like I'm a total travel virgin again. Odd. So I'm taking off tomorrow and I'm sweating all the details. Do I have enough underwear? Film? Xanax? I'll try to go to sleep and I'll be so worked up about what I might fuck up that I'll just toss and turn until I have to get up and shower. Gooood times.

Instead of bringing an SLR on this trip, I am only bringing two cameras aside from my ubiquitous digital pocket camera: a Baby Brownie Special and a modified Holga. The light meter broke on my manual SLR anyway, and since I've been able to eyeball exposure for a while now, I really want to test my mettle with these plastic bastards. Also, I really fucking dig film that's not 35mm. And goddamn that Baby Brownie is cute. Seriously. I can wear it as a wristlet. A fashion accessory that's also a camera? Count me in.

Here's hoping I don't forget anything, land safely, and have hot bitches waiting to pick me up in Nashville. Actually, I just want hot bitches to pick me up wherever I go. I don't think it's too much to ask.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Strange men rent strange flowers:

Last night while I was watching two of my favorite creepy-yet-funny episodes of the X-Files, this really dense, thick fog rolled in from the ocean. Then, my DSL went tits-up exactly at the moment when I noticed it and wouldn't come back for about 15 minutes. OooooOOOOoooooh. So spooky.

My ankle is healing quite well. Thanks for all the well wishes. I still have to keep the brace on it, and I'm going to wear a wrap or ankle support on it when I'm doing a lot of traveling and/or walking, because the muscles and ligaments are still weak. So, next week, when I'm visiting my friends and family, I'll still be gimping around a bit. Feel free to point and laugh.

The week after Thanksgiving, I have jury duty, but after that, I'm pretty much on the road constantly until the end of the year. So if you're local and you want some Kat time, schedule it quickly. Or you can just wait until January 7, which is when I'll have the 3rd annual Break Your Resolutions party. The official name, courtesy of the most preciousssss China Vagina:

Break Your Resolutions 3: THE RECKONING.

You know you want it, baby.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Last chance to lose control:

As mentioned in the update to the previous post, I went to the orthopedic doctor on Friday and he said that I have a bone chip and can't travel for at least a week. I get to sit around with an immobilized ankle via an ankle brace and radiate hate from my home base. It will be a glorious hatred that is grand and far-reaching. I am really bummed about missing my upcoming trips, mostly because I will miss some of Eddie Izzard's performances while he's in NYC. Oh, and also the Switzerland thing. And all the dirty, dirty sex that I only seem to have when I am not in Los Angeles. Yeah, that. Whoopsie.

That said, I need a fucking assistant, like, now. You get to drive my fucking awesome Mini Cooper S withallthetrimmingskthx, access to my awesome reserve of knowledge and power, AND cart me around to various kickass locations around Los Angeles, accompanied by my witty commentary and stir-crazy antics. What the fuck is stopping you, goddammit?

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bring out the gimp:

So I spent my week in Boston talking about software, seemingly endlessly. I was going to pop down to NYC to visit some friends and make out with one or more of them, but instead I was exhausted so I decided to catch a flight home Wednesday instead of Thursday. As I was getting off the plane in Burbank last night, my mind filled with glorious thoughts of a nice shiraz and some good company, I stepped onto an uneven part of the last step on the stairs and my ankle went right out from under me. To say that I turned it would be a slight understatement. It was more like wrenching it at an extremely unnatural angle. I thought it was okay, just kinda painful and throbbing a bit, so I drove home. That 20 minute drive was fucking excruciating. My neighbor drove me to the ER so I could get it x-rayed and I spent a grand total of 6 hours there until they diagnosed me with either a bad sprain or a torn ligament. Then they gave me crutches, which are apparently very difficult to use if you're a giant fucking spazz like me, so I slipped and fell onto the bad ankle again. That ruled in almost the same way that 22 hours of labor ruled. Anyway, now I have a walker to help me hop around, thus finally proving to all you naysayers that I am indeed a dirty old lady. Don't hate.

The highlight? I was in the same room in the same ER where I took my big brother when he was here visiting in February. Yep. The dirty old lady was being treated in the pediatric room.

Update: I went to the orthopedic doctor today, and he gave me a new x-ray. Turns out I chipped a bone in addition to spraining the ankle, so I won't be traveling for at least a week or two. Now I have a leg brace and a super sexy cane. Now get over here and give momma a footrub, sugar.

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