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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I just want your extra time and your kiss:

I did end up coming out of my normal pre-holiday emotional coma and went to Vega$! It was fun. I managed to only marry one person this time, but I made sure there was a prenup. (I carry several copies in my purse just in case.) I also played my favorite slot machine (Jackpot Party! at a penny a spin, it's a bargain), some poker, and a little roulette, which used to be my favorite game. I realized a few things: slots are kinda boring, roulette is REALLY boring, and casino poker is fun. Not as fun as home games where I get to beat that one neighbor who hates losing with his flush to my full house so much that he stands up and screams bloody murder whilst flailing about, but still.

I also managed to catch a cold while I was there. I spent about 140,000 miles in airplanes this year, and haven't had a cold since about mid-April. 40 hours in Vegas, and I've got the black fucking plague. After getting home last night, I took Advil and alternately had a fever and broke it several times in the night, all under the watchful eye (singular) of my cat. I also woke myself up coughing several times. This morning, I had no voice whatsoever, whereas yesterday I sounded like Peter Brady in that episode where he hit puberty and they had to sing "Time to Change" with his voice cracking. As an aside, Christopher Knight is really hot as a grown-up.

I don't have to travel again until next week, where I'll get to see my grandma and my mom. I didn't go see family for Xmas because I managed to see just about all of my family during other trips in the past few months - uncle and family for Thanksgiving, cousins and dad/grandma/aunt in December, and now mom and other grandma in January. All the holiday guilt assuaged, with none of the actual holiday bullshit. Rock.

In the meantime, send me hot toddies. Thanks.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Healing, whoa whoa whoa healing:

It's been 3 days and change since I got my latest tattoo. I haven't healed a tattoo in a few years, but I used my favorite healing method, inspired by my hottttt big brother (warning: NSFW!). The first time I wash the tattoo, I use the hottest water possible for as long as I can stand it. After that, it doesn't ooze or bleed or anything. Yay! After a few days of very light moisturizing, it's scabbed a bit, but it's very minor and I'm keeping it covered by a long-sleeved shirt when I sleep so I don't scratch it. It's not that itchy, but who knows what the hell I do with my hands when I sleep. Ask Jordan. Poor kid can't sleep now without involuntarily twitching.

Anyway, I can't wait till this thing is totally healed, because it's so fucking pretty and I want to show it to everyone.

I might be going to Vegas on Xmas if I'm not curled into a fetal position rocking back and forth chanting, "no Santa, don't touch me there". If I do, expect photos of debauchery. If not, expect photos of my inner angst. It's really pretty, kind of like a kaleidoscope. Just sayin'.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Strike two:

New York is a different place right now. So many more people walking on the streets. Tons of people walking to work in Manhattan from outer boroughs over bridges. Cab drivers and cops standing in the front of taxi lines organizing people by destination. People say New Yorkers are rude, but when faced with adversity the willingness to help their fellow man manifests itself in so many ways.

Though the city is noisy, as usual, there is an eerie silence in some spots. Those spots are the grates in the sidewalk that are over the subways. You can stand over them for half an hour, talking to a friend, and hear nothing. No train rushing by, no cars clanking over the rails, no brakes squeaking and squawking as they pull into a station. You don't notice it at first, as you walk from West 14th street to East 83rd, but after a while, as you're standing over a grate waiting for the last asshole to pass so you can run across 6th avenue without getting clobbered by a livery driver who is ripping off his passengers for twice what the city cabs charge, you notice. Then you notice that there's never a bus at the bus stop, and that nice lady that works at the restaurant you love so much hasn't been there for a couple of days because she probably lives in an outer borough and can't walk the 4 hours it takes to get her where she's going.

But New Yorkers adapt. All day long, people are walking over the bridges to get to work. People in Brooklyn and Queens are recruiting people on the street to be the 4th person in the car so they can get into the city with the HOV restrictions. Half of the 'missed connection' ads on Craigslist for NYC now begin with "we shared a cab". Strangers on the street team together to get a taxi to take them all relatively near where they need to be. And everyone just walks everywhere. Live on the Upper East Side and want to go to the West Village? No problem. Park Slope and need to get to midtown? Sure. The New Yorkers are just finding a way to deal with it, like they find a way to deal with everything.

I fucking love this city.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Strike one:

Tuesday was the first day of the Transit Workers Union strike on the MTA in NYC. Since I am in NYC, but on vacation (woooot!), I had ample time to get to where I was going yesterday. That said, it was still a pain in the ass and took longer than it should have. I took the PATH train from WTC to 33rd and walked up to Bryant Park to meet a friend, who had walked from 85th and 1st. I then met up with a pretty princess, who had walked from Brooklyn to 42nd and 6th to get to work. After a drink, we headed down to NY Adorned for my tattoo appointment, all the while being raped by a livery driver who insisted that he should be charging us $20 to take us "two zoooons". I actually called him "fuckface" when I got out. Obviously, I need to move back here very soon. I'm already speaking the language.

After all that, I got tattooed by Chris O'Donnell and ohmigod it's so perfect. I explained to him what I was going for, we looked at a Japanese art book to solidify the idea, and then he sketched it on my arm freehand. It went fast, he has a fairly light hand, and the shading is fucking beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am with the tattoo and the entire experience. I will post photos as soon as I can.*

* This probably means never, since I'm a slacker about such things. Sorry.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Let it snow:

Last night, I returned from my 11-day trip to very cold places. In those very cold places, I: got covered in snow, observed icicles form on my vehicle, noticed how hot the yuppie-types look in nice tailored wool coats, drove two different cars (one of which had ass-warming seats), wore two different cashmere scarves and two different pairs of coordinating leather gloves, purchased a new bluetooth headset that makes me actually able to hear people when they call me (!), was given a celtic cross necklace, wore it to Mass, did not burst into flame upon entering the church or get caustic burns from touching the holy water, was attacked by an evil kitten, almost got kissed by a coworker, and increased my net worth more than tenfold. Not too shabby for less than two weeks on the road.

Oh, and I also did all that with one 18" rollaboard suitcase and a laptop bag. And still had room to put the Xmas gifts I got in my suitcase. Go me.

My trip home involved 14 hours of waiting in airports and flying in snowstorms, but I am now safely home awaiting the start of my friend's "Happy Birthday Jesus" party. I'm off to my favorite city on Monday, where I will complete my Xmas shopping, make out with a hot boy, draw up a business plan, dine with pretty ladies and frolic and play the Eskimo way with my friends.

For some reason, I'm totally in the Xmas spirit this year. Maybe it's because this year has made me realize just how important my family (both chosen and blood) are to me, and the fact that I get to see most of them around this time of year makes me happy. Alternately, it could be that hot toddy I had half an hour ago. We may never know the truth.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Timeless sleep has been upset:

I went to the courthouse again on Monday and spent the day observing the jury selection process. It was really interesting - usually when I'm sitting in a room listening to a bunch of other people talk I get sleepy, and I was totally alert! I could've been all perky because I was having a good hair day, too, but whatever.

Aaaaanyway, mid-selection, the parties settled. Hooray! I then embarked on a whirlwind of shopping, laundry, and booking last-minute plane tickets to my destinations, all of which are in or near the Great Lakes. This means they are cold places, so I picked up a spiffy new cashmere scarf and some gloves that match my other spiffy cashmere scarf.

You may or may not know that I make to-do lists when I am getting ready for a trip so that I can organize my thoughts and get everything done. I do it all old-school in a text editor because I'm a fucking dork, and I mark each item done with a big DONE next to it when it's complete. Anyway, though I think it'll make you think I'm either girly or retarded, this is Monday's list:

take out trash DONE
clean litterbox, reassure cat DONE
pack 11 days' worth of clothes. don't forget enough underpants. DONE
laundry (wash underpants) DONE
find pink scarf that matches new pink gloves DONE
pack pretty pretty princess things DONE OMG IM SO PRETTY

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Square and compass:

All of that crap I mentioned about trips and visits and seeing everyone and Xmas and tattoo appointments and everything that was supposed to happen in December might not happen now, because I might get picked for jury duty for a case that will take at least 4 weeks. That means it'll probably go into January if I get chosen. Aaaarrrgh. I go back to the court on Monday for jury selection, to find out of the lawyers think I'm impartial enough or whatever. I'm really not, in this case, since I have some pretty strong opinions on some of the issues involved (which, of course, I can't discuss with anyone else). I'm not even bullshitting. I'm big on civic duty - I volunteer as a pollworker during elections, and I'd be happy to serve on a jury if it wasn't a case like this. I'm so fucking worked up over this shit already. I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck by Monday.

In other, less neurotic news, I've been doing pretty well at poker lately. I just came in 2nd in a sit-n-go tourney on PokerStars, and came in 2nd on another one in the wee hours of the morning after winning a small tourney at my neighbor's place last night. I tend to do better in tournament play than I do in ring games. Maybe I should try to play in a WPT satellite sometime. I also picked up a good-luck charm last night - a card cover in the form of a wooden Masonic chip that's the same size as a poker chip. I'm so glad that the rulers of the world * are watching over my poker play.

*Dear Freemasons, please don't kill me. Love, Kat.

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