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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Roses never fade:

There's a ton of shit going on in my life right now that is really awesome, and I haven't really been talking about it much here. It's not because I don't have time to post (I mean, I'm still as busy as always, if not busier, but that's not the primary reason excuse), but because I don't want to bore you by yammering in great detail about all the awesomeness. That said, now I'm gonna. Color you excited!

The one thing I did talk about was that I'm officially bicoastal now. I have an apartment in NYC and one in L.A. Before you start getting all pissy about how I'm a dirty fucking bourgeois pig because I have two apartments and several barely legal, scantily clad houseboys, keep in mind that I have roommates in both places and that my rent is heavily subsidized by the significant amount of revenue generated by the pay-to-view webcams I have stationed in said houseboys' bedrooms.

I also mentioned in a somewhat offhand way a little while ago that I was totally smitten. Well, I misspoke. In actuality, I'm completely arse-over-tit retarded in love. The object of my affection lives in New York, but is not the reason that I became bicoastal. I became bicoastal because I like being bi-everything, and also because I started a business there a little while ago...

Which brings me to the business. I started a company with an exceedingly geeky business partner. It's all semi-top-secret right now, so if I tell you any more without making you sign the 12-page non-disclosure agreement that we came up with, I will have to eviscerate you. That's right, this shit merits evisceration, not just regular killing. This is serious, yo.

Of course, even though I've updated you on what the fuck I've been up to, I've left a few questions in your dirty minds, like what type of business I could possibly be starting (scotch importing? porn?), what the url of the houseboys' webcast is (imnevergonnatellyou.com) and which gender my lover is (male? female? shemale?).

Have fun guessing!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spit fetish:

I went out on Monday to buy a lamp for my room so that I didn't have to choose between pitch black and AUGHHH, MY EYES! and I ended up getting two antique Chinese trunks as well as the lamp. I love all of my new furniture for the NYC apartment, but it is all not only new, but also pretty modern and neutral-colored, so I am excited to have something with a shitton of character classing up the place. We also hung one of the paintings that I have, which is super creepy because it features a Japanese schoolgirl with a fish on her head. Of course, I love it.

I'm so happy I could spit.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Warm house:

Princess Yttrx and I had our housewarming party in NYC on Saturday. It was fabulous. Many people showed up, some from as close as a few blocks away and some from as far as Philly and Canadiana. I had enough food to feed a small midwestern town and enough booze to satisfy a handful of Irish sailors for a weekend. People brought cookies, candles, and booze, and much fun was had. We managed to get through the night without any vomiting incidents or major structure fires, and so far I haven't found any unexpected protein stains. (That said, I haven't checked the cat's scratching post or my underwear drawer, so the official protein stain count could change.) It was great to see everyone and I'm really happy with how everything turned out.

The next day, I had a perfect lazy Sunday spent with three very cute boys eating leftover cookies and lounging around. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nowhere girl:

I have a lot to do in the next few hours. I'll be traveling solidly for almost a month, so I have to make sure I pack everything that I need. Thankfully, I have a housesitter staying here for the duration (and until I get a permanent roommate) so my poor one-eyed kitty won't be so lonely.

Sometimes this travel situation gets to me. I like traveling and seeing new places and seeing friends that live far away, but sometimes I feel like I don't have a home, just a place to keep my stuff. Then, when I think about it, I realize that home really isn't about a place for me. It's about being around the people I love. And all of you motherfuckers live in different cities, so I blame the whole stinkin' lot of you for this entire problem.

Today, I went with one of my favorite L.A. people to the World Baseball Classic in Anaheim to watch the U.S. team play Team Japan. It was a really good game, nice and tense and full of action, lots of good plays and a few controversial ones. My least-favorite Yankee sent the winning run home, so I've temporarily forgiven him for sucking the rest of the time. However, I mainly chalk up this halfhearted bout of leniency to the fact that my rabid anticipation for the start of baseball season has been momentarily sated by seeing such a fabulous game and being in such close proximity to my favorite shortstop's perky butt. I fully expect to return to my normal seething hatred for A-Rod's pansy-ass, cheating ways by the start of the regular season.

Anyway, my favorite highlight of the game today was when the home plate umpire made a questionable strike call against a U.S. batter on a pitch that was pretty clearly high enough to be a ball, and amid all our shouts of "Are you blind?" and "That wasn't a strike, stupid!", an 8-year-old behind me shouted out, "Why do you hate America?" Snort.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I am the sun:

I spent all week at my apartment in NYC, working for a customer and spending time with some of my favorite humans and one of my favorite cats. I flew back to L.A. last night and went directly to a party where I photographed a human pinata. Hopefully I can find the USB cable to the camera so I can upload the photos, because they fucking rule. I also managed to leave my phone charger, some underpants, and my heart in NYC. I'll be back soon to retrieve them, though.

In other news, I think I need a personal assistant. I had exactly 36 hours at home this weekend and I couldn't even manage to get my laundry done. Granted, that's mainly because I desperately needed to catch up on sleep, but still. I need a houseboy or something to do my laundry and file my expenses for me. The job doesn't pay well, but you get free spankings.

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