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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hot pocket:

I just got a myspace message from Jim Gaffigan, who is a comedian. It was a broadcast thing so that I'd get notified of his L.A. performances, but I added him to my friends thing anyway because the last time I saw him perform live was at some corporate event and I happened to be sitting right behind the VP that he made a gay joke about. It was entertaining to watch a row of executives nearly fall off their chairs, so he has earned a tiny little bit of my loyalty, in that I might consider actually leaving the house to watch him tell jokes as opposed to recording his comedy special when it re-airs on Comedy Central. Note to self: remind roommate to record that, because I probably won't actually leave the house for that shit.

I'm actually staying put in L.A. for a bit, shockingly enough, which should give me enough time to actually prepare for Artwalk. I need to print, frame, and hang about 20 16x20 images, 10 6x6 cyanotypes, and a smattering of other images. I need to clean the first two floors of my loft for the general public. I also need to sort of half-assedly tidy up the third floor, because my lover of indeterminate gender is going to show up next weekend and help me prepare for Artwalk. In between framing and making out, I will be conducting tours of the non-sucky parts of Los Angeles. I know many of you probably think that's not possible because a) L.A. sucks or b) the non-sucky parts are like 1 meter wide, but believe me, people, it's possible. I may or may not show you the results of said tour in the photoblog because I like keeping the non-sucky parts secret so that they may remain hidden and therefore not crowded. This helps them maintain their non-sucky status.

In other news, I have my travel plotted out for the next three months, which will take me to NYC, upstate NY, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Germany, Ireland, and parts semi-known. To pre-emptively (and presumptuously) answer your questions: Yes, I am a totally anal over-planner and have my travel planned out for the next three months. Yes, the schedule will change. Yes, I fly too much. Yes, I will help you insert that large buttplug into your ass. No, I won't use lube, because lube is for squares.

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