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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long strange trip:

I'm finally back in my den of iniquity in L.A. after an arduous 12 hours of traveling. Delayed an hour and a half into Chicago and another 3 hours out, on the runway no less. I'm glad I stopped at the bookstore before boarding, and I'm glad I bought two books - I nearly finished the first 300+ page book by my favorite author of all time before takeoff on the second flight. I think the only reason I didn't finish is because I kept taking wee catnaps in between.

Don't even get me started on the 28-hour journey home from Europe. Oy. But that's a story for another time.

I returned to the City of Angels to find my loft in utter disarray and filled with strange things such as new walls and cats. My new L.A. roommate, who is way sexy and single (come and get him ladies!) has moved most of his stuff in, including two more cats. I'm a crazy cat lady now and I didn't even have to try. How awesome is that? Anyway, my bed is covered in my belongings that had to be moved due to the construction that occurred while I was gone, so I am banished to the sofa until I can muster the energy to move that shit. I think I may need some assistance. Any volunteers? Because I'm way lazy.

My one-eyed kitty is curled up next to me, glaring at the intruders, who have chosen to curl up together on the gyno table. That's right. Two pussies are on my gyno table. My god. It's almost as good as that one time when I had a pajama party and all the girls started having a pillow fight and making out.... but that's a story for another time.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Schlemiel, schlemazel:

I spent a wee bit of time in the midwest last week, in Milwaukee and then Chicago-a-go-go. Milwaukee was glorious, in that I saw a large cheese production plant on the way up there. Oh, cheese. How I love thee. I like Chicago a lot, but even more so when I get to squish people I love and play Uno at bars whilst drinking cherry-flavored vodka drinks.

I finally have an L.A. roommate, so for the last few days I have been cleaning and moving my giant collection of stuff that I don't need so that the roommate will have room to store all the shit that he doesn't need. We will be building a wall on the third floor so that there will be two bedrooms instead of one and painting things and moving crap around and creating the dead hooker disposal room that I've always wanted. It'll be fantastic.

The lover and I are going to Germany soon, where I will work for 3 days and we will play for another three. We haven't decided whether to stick to Germany for the play part or whether to jet off someplace else in Europe. So far, the choices seem to be narrowed down to: a) staying in Germany and exploring the Schwarzwald, b) flying to Prague and buying shittons of Absinthe, which is what straightedge kids like to drink, or c) taking a train to Paris and being all romantic and shit. If we do end up staying in Germany, I'd better brush up on my German. All I can really say in German right now without thinking about it is "another beer, please", "where is the bathroom?", "shut the fuck up!" and "I would like to have genital traffic with you". Actually, that might be exactly the right combination of phrases.

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