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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Han shot first:

Last weekend, my lovarrr and I watched all six episodes of Star Wars, much to the chagrin of my roommate, who kept poking his head into the room and yelling about what giant nerds we were. My conclusion is this: George Lucas must be stopped. If one man can manage to make a bad actor out of Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, and Liam Neeson, can choose an actor who quite possibly out-Ryan-Phillippes Ryan Phillippe in wooden acting to play the most pivotal character in the entire series, and makes changes to his earlier films that RUIN THEM COMPLETELY, then yeah. Fuck that guy.

Anyway, I closed on my condo on Thursday, which was simultaneously one of the easiest and one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I signed my name so many times that by the end it looked like my name was "kth mcsfjsi" and then walked out with a big fat deed to my very own shiny new condo. We have already started moving shit in, and the movers will come to get the rest of it next Tuesday. We still haven't decided on the details for the housewarming party, but you can be damned sure I will have one, if only to prove this goober right in his suspicion that I am only buying this place to have an excuse to have another housewarming party. Fucking Canadians.

Holy shit, I'm a homeowner!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Turn on the bright lights:

Sometime around the middle of last year, I started toying with the idea of moving back to NYC. Eventually, after thinking about it, I decided to be bicoastal and have roommates on both coasts. After Keith died, I worked hard to make it happen, and in February, finally got a place in NYC with my good friend the devil. Alas, it is a rental, and at some point I wanted to buy, because buying property is a good investment and I'm all growed up or something.

So, one day I was in a cab on my way home and I went past this awesome building. It had a sign on it that said there were condos available. I went home and researched it and found out that the building had just been redone from apartments to condos and was in its initial sales phase. Hooray! So my lovarrrr, my evil roommate, and I all went down and examined the condos until we found one that was to our liking (and one that had bedrooms far enough apart so that I do not have to hear the screams of the tortured souls coming from Beelzebub's bedroom anymore). Then I wrote a freaking ginormous check as a down payment, and after we close this month, I will be the proud owner of an apartment in NYC.

I'm not giving up the place in L.A. - after all, what kind of bicoastal bitch would I be if I just up and left - but I will be switching my permanent residence and all that stuff to NY after the first of the year. And, as you may have noticed from my implication above, I will be shackin' up with my gender-nonspecific lover, who apparently doesn't mind living with a tempestous redhead and a manifestation of Satan.

(Image is the view from the roof of the new building.)

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